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Naarden Wealth Management is truly your trusted advisor. We are an independent wealth management firm serving clients in Pocatello and all over the West. We are fiduciaries, which means that our approach is centered on strict legal standards to always act in your best interests and do everything in our power to help you reach your financial goals. We are CPAs, which means that we have a wealth of tax and estate planning know-how. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients with all aspects of their financial lives.

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Our Approach – A Winner’s Game

At Naarden Wealth Management, our approach is centered on the promise to always act in your best interest.  This means that we get to know and understand you, your family, and your goals.  We use this information to craft a plan built specifically for you and your distinctive circumstances.  Just as importantly, we provide you with the discipline and tools necessary to adhere to your plan once it has been implemented.

Our recommendations are based on decades of academic evidence that has shown the right way to invest, which is vastly different from what your stock broker or other financial “experts” have likely told you in the past.  We believe, and the facts show, that a low-cost, long term, disciplined philosophy is the key to your success.  Our scientific approach allows you to enjoy true freedom knowing that your big picture is covered and you no longer will be making the silly mistakes that so often hurt other investors.

Transparency and Education – Power Through Knowledge

At Naarden Wealth Management, we believe that you should have a complete understanding of your financial world and be able to feel confident in your financial advisor’s advice. We believe that by being transparent and providing you with top-notch education, we can help you achieve that confidence and understanding.

Like you, we do not like hidden costs. That is why we are always up front with our fee structure. We accept no commissions so you can rest assured that you are never being sold anything except for our belief system. We will always report to you exactly how your portfolio has performed in easy-to-read reports and charts that allow you to fully track your progress towards your goals. We provide you with poignant articles and educational materials to help you better understand the journey that you are on. And finally, we “eat our own cooking”, so to speak, in that we invest our own personal assets in the same strategies and funds that we use for your plan.

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